Rehearsing for our performance at The National Theatre

10628173_10152709577143338_1648769887429669186_nWhat a busy three days we have had this week! The children taking part within our MML Uganda Pilot have been a joy to work with. Within one session of this wonderful week they had formed new friendships, begun working together, supporting one another and taken on board the inclusive ethos of our work. 10609465_10152709579073338_6231294636725922869_n

Everyone involved is giving it their all and we have covered many topics using inclusive music, dance and drama all with the main focus of inclusion and working together. We have already begun thinking about Friday’s performance at The National Theatre and we will begin staging the performance tomorrow.

10590586_10152706859168338_1578040968361889705_nMany respected individuals are due to attend this amazing event and it is hoped the theatre capacity of 400 will be full. This is a real opportunity to celebrate each and every individual involved and we are very excited for the future of inclusive theatre within Uganda.

Make sure you check back on our progress as this wonderful project begins to draw to a close.