TramShed Shine at the Hollywood Proms!

TramShed’s Children’s Theatre

TramShed Theatre Company were delighted to recently be performing at Lytham Festival with our Patron Sheridan Smith. Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, Lytham Festival is Lancashire’s largest and best loved live music festival. This year’s event was bought to a close on Sunday 14th July with the glittering Hollywood Proms featuring Sheridan Smith and Michael Ball. Sheridan invited TramShed’s Children’s Theatre to join her on stage during the evening to perform.

Zac Hackett – Artistic Director

Zac Hackett, Artistic Director said: “TramShed were delighted to be asked to perform with Sheridan at Lytham Festival’s Hollywood Proms finale. Having recently become our Patron, Sheridan has given so much to our members already, surprising them with a meet and greet during a recent performance week and then sharing news of our inclusive methods, to raise awareness for our charity. The work that takes place at TramShed is so unique to the local area and vitally important to all those who take part and our local community. It is hoped that with the support of Sheridan, TramShed will gain further recognition, support and continue to grow and thrive. We are so grateful to everyone involved for the opportunity”.

Photography courtesy of Marge Bradshaw Photography

TramShed Theatre & Sheridan Smith OBE